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At Apolon Rugs we appreciate how carefully your rugs have been selected to add elegance and color to your home. We are proud to be partnering with you to secure your beautiful assets so that they remain a real asset as the years pass.

When beautiful rugs are soiled, dirty, and attract contaminants such as germs, pollen, and smoke, it’s a concern – but Apolon Rugs technicians are on call to make sure they are returned to their former glory.

Cleaning rugs is a professional job and we are using the latest technology to achieve outstanding results. Our five-step rug cleaning system provides our customers with 100% satisfaction with an option of cleaning job.

Rug Cleaning specialist

Apolon Rugs offers specialist cleaning services for antique, oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian and Native American rugs, all of which have their own specific fabric and weave characteristics. A luxurious rug is an elegant investment for your home and needs careful handling to prolong its life and allow you to fully enjoy it.

A freshly cleaned rug has brighter, clearer colors, and again Apolon Rugs cleans like new, smell-free and stain-free. Whether the problem is longstanding marks, odors caused by damage to pets, water or liquid spill, or just the damage caused by many feet and the passage of time, we’ll restore to you the beautiful rug you’ve chosen once proudly.

We care about your rugs Dust Removal

Rugs can also cause dust mites like carpets, and these need to be carefully handled depending on the type of rug you have. The presence of mites will make problems like hayfever, asthma and allergy worse and make your family’s life very unpleasant.

Apolon Rugs understands your concern regarding the well-being of your family. Not only is our professional dust mite removal service highly efficient but it also keeps the air clean and hygienic for everyone in your home.

Call Apolon Rugs today to speak with one of our expert about the benefits of our qualified rug cleaning service and to book a consultation.

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