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Backed by years of technological and practical experience in the manufacturing and services of Persian Carpet, we say that we can repair any damage to any Persian Carpet and other Oriental Rugs such as Turkish Rug, Afghans Carpet, Indian Rug, Chinese Silk Rug, Turkmen Rug, Kazaks, Pakistani and all other modern or classic Kilim and Tapestries.

  • Any kind of Pet damage repair
  • Overcoming carpet rot
  • Patching or re-weaving a hole
  • Resizing the rug Antique Carpet
  • Expertise restoration
  • Fringe damage
  • Sides damage

Our Repair and Full Recovery Rug services all come with a guarantee.

Fringes has the potential to damage vacuums, pets and general foot traffic. This can also be permanently damaged by over-zealous rug and carpet cleaners who use extreme bleaches to try to whiten them. A carpet’s level of damage and quality can decide the repair work needed at the fringe of a rugs.

It is very important to obtain a fringe, as many aspects of rug treatment. It is a reasonably fast fix which is inexpensive and avoids more damage and expensive repairs.

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We are Experience of more than 50 that is the thing that matters we restore like the first look. If you don’t want to risk a few rows of knots, you’ll have the option of having new fringes woven into the rug. Carrying out this repair means that the pile of the carpet need not be lost even if parts of an initial end have been worn away. This choice is for rugs that would disrupt its appearance in repairing by cutting knots, impacting its border; or for more desirable rugs that might be investment quality and you’d like to retain as original as possible.

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