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Baloch Rug – 245X96 cm

There are several Persian rugs on the market for sale. Another fascinating style that exists mainly as a
Persian rug region is that of Baluch. Baluch rugs originated from a mixture of three different countries,
giving them a distinct style that has integrated many different cultures into their designs. They go well
both as floor mats and as a tapestry. The size of the Baluch rug is ideal to fill the void of undecorated
space within your homes. Such rugs will make any room a little warmer and more relaxed, adding a little
nostalgia and maybe even something to chat about during breaks in the tea. These rustic Baluch tapes
are an Oriental tapestry you certainly should find.
Although not rare in older or antique items.  But the silk pile and the silk
foundation are seldom seen in new Hamedan carpets. Hamedan carpets are hand-woven Persian Rug.
These pieces are manufactured in Hamedan .  Buy a Handmade wool persian  rug .

Persian/Baloch<245 x 96>cm


Origin_Iran Persian Vintage Wool


Manufacturing _ Handmade Rug


Length _ 322


Width _ 105


Shape _ Rectangular


Fabric _ Wool Foundation


Region_ Sarab


Pattern _  Geometric


Rug Type _ Hand Knotted


Quality _  100% Wool


Age _ 750 to 80 yeas old


Thickness _ap 3 mm


trades the colours used in this rug is all 100% organic


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